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Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center launches new secure sign-in system to enhance patient experience

March 29, 2016

Leitchfield, KY –Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center is introducing an intuitive registration solution called Queue (pronounced “Q”) that offers real‐time registration monitoring and works to reduce patient wait‐times.

Placed in registration areas in the main lobby and outpatient surgery at TLRMC, Queue multi‐touch displays provide a modern registration experience by securely and efficiently collecting patient information. After signing in using Queue, patients can monitor their wait‐time via digital displays in waiting areas. Using Queue, TLRMC will manage the registration process efficiently in one central location.

“The addition of Queue to our registration process is a natural next step in our ongoing effort to create the best patient experience possible,” said Kelly Milliner-Hudspeth, Registration Coordinator at TLRMC. “In seconds, the simple Queue multi‐touch display conveniently collects the information needed, streamlining the registration process so patients spend less time in the waiting room and more time with their care team.”

The easy to use touch screen prompts users to enter information such as their name, what they are at the hospital for, their phone number and date of birth. It is designed for even the person least familiar with computer technology to use with ease. When a registration clerk is available to finish registering the patient a large overhead screen signals them by using the last four digits of their phone numbers. This keeps the registration process confidential. The Queue system is integrated to other data bases within TLRMC so the registration clerk already has the patient’s information ready by the time they sit in the private registration room.

According to a survey of 2.4 million patients by Press Ganey Associates, patient satisfaction dropped significantly with each five minutes of waiting time. Queue’s streamlined processes and advanced analytics platform have been shown to reduce wait‐times by as much as 80 percent in some hospitals.

“Queue was designed to foster better healthcare experiences for patients,” said Sean Lane, Co‐Founder and CEO of CrossChx. “Patients who visit Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center can be assured their provider values every part of its patients’ medical experience, from check‐in to check‐out.”

CrossChx is the leader in identity resolution for smarter healthcare. CrossChx creates a universal patient ID to organize healthcare data and enable a new breed of innovative applications, such as Queue, the modern solution for patient registration. The company’s groundbreaking product, SafeChx, established the standard for safe, reliable patient access with more than 300 signed health systems nationwide. CrossChx has resolved nearly 40 million patient identities to date. For more information, visit

Kelly Milliner-Hudspeth, TLRMC Registration Coordinator (left) demonstrates one of the new Queue registration kiosks to hospital volunteer Charlotte Shaw. The system consists of an easy to use touch screen for patients to enter their information and a large monitor (upper left) that displays where they are in line to be registered using the last four digits of the user’s phone number to identify them.

The Queue touch screen is easy to use and prompts patients for the information needed.

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer. For more information on Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center, go to or call (270) 259-9588.