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Infusion Center

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center is equipped to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable setting when you are receiving your treatment. Patients can relax in large, comfortable recliners, watch television, or sleep during treatment. Besides the patient's disease, personal privacy and physical and emotional comfort are of the utmost importance.

Treatments Available:
Intravenous access, flushing, and dressing changes (PICCS, Port-A-Caths, and other central lines)
Infusion therapies such as: IV antibiotics, immune globulin (IVIG), Reclast, Zometa
Injections such as IM antibiotics, Aranesp, Prolia, Neupogen, Neulasta, Epogen, Procrit, Vitamin B12, Rhogam
Cortisol stimulation tests
Therapeutic Phlebotomy
Blood transfusions, other blood products and platelets
Pharmacist consultations provided upon request
Other per provider request

Disclaimer: Items listed above are examples and may not be all inclusive to medications/therapies available. Please contact infusion center regarding availability.

For more information call: 270-259-1695