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A patient is on a hospital bike and getting his vitals checked

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center's CardioCare Program is an exercise and education program designed to improve your quality of life when you have a heart condition. The goals of cardiac rehab are (1) to help you regain strength, (2) to prevent your condition from worsening, and (3) to reduce your risk of future heart problems.

TLRMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Who can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation?

You may benefit from cardiac rehab if your medical history includes:

Stable Angina
Heart Valve Repair or Replacement
Angioplasty or Coronary Stenting
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Heart Attack
Cardiac Transplant
Congestive Heart Failure

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center offers Phase II Cardiac Rehab. You can enter the outpatient Phase II Cardiac Rehab Program soon after you leave the hospital. This phase generally last from two to 12 weeks. During this phase, you gradually increase your activity level, under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. You will learn how to exercise safely at home, learn about a healthy diet, smoking cessation, weight loss, increase your knowledge of your disease and how to manage your disease and coping with your condition.

After completion of Phase II Cardiac Rehab, each individual will be given a tour of the hospital's fitness center. By joining a fitness center, you are making a life-long commitment to your health. The fee for the fitness center is minimal.

How do I enter a Phase II cardiac rehab program?

A doctor's order is required to enter the program. After the referral is made, an exercise stress test will be arranged and a cardiac rehab evaluation will be scheduled. This information, along with your medical history, interests and rehab goals, will help us to develop your individualized program.

Most insurance companies cover cardiac rehab. We would be glad to contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage before you begin the program.

When do I attend cardiac rehab?

Exercise sessions will be held three times a week. Each session will last approximately one hour. Your physician will be sent a report of your progress on a monthly basis. Office hours are flexible for our patient's convenience, Monday through Friday.

For more information, contact our Cardiac Rehab Coordinator, Jennifer Leslie, RN, at (270) 259-9584.