Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center exists to heal the sick, relieve pain and suffering,
and improve the quality of life for the people we serve.

To be recognized by the people we serve as the provider of choice for their health care needs and as a leading force for progressive change within our community.

        • Respect for each and every individual
        • Commitment to teamwork
        • Commitment to empowerment of our people
        • Commitment to open, honest and interactive communication
        • Commitment to recognizing and meeting the needs of our patients


In 1951, concerned citizens made a commitment to serve the medical needs of our community by incorporating Grayson County War Memorial Hospital. Located in downtown Leitchfield, the most vivid memories of the old hospital focus on people -- the dedicated staff members who were always on hand to meet the needs of the patients and families.


By 1976, Grayson County War Memorial Hospital employed 124 people and was outgrowing its 40-bed facility. The community again responded to the need, and in 1979, the hospital relocated to Wallace Avenue to a new two-story, 75-bed facility, renamed Grayson County Hospital.

With a larger, modern-equipped hospital, and office space to attract new physicians to the area, the hospital and its services to the community began to flourish. By the early 1990s, the hospital's medical staff had more than doubled and its primary service area had grown beyond the borders of Grayson County. It was no longer just a "county" hospital-- it had come to be recognized as a regional healthcare provider. Thus, the Board of Directors, looking to the future, renamed the hospital, "Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center," to more truly represent its growth and status throughout the area.

From five physicians in 1979 to today's active Medical Staff of over 30 doctors representing 11 specialties, Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center remains committed to its pledge to provide "Medical Excellence. Compassionate Care."

A major expansion project that began in late 2009 changed the face of Twin Lakes Regional Hospital.

A special display in the hospital honors both Grayson County soldiers killed during World War II and the roots of Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center.

On Veterans Day, 2007, TLRMC unveiled a plaque listing the 95 Grayson County servicemen killed during World War II, two framed enlargements of war bond brochures and a drawing of Grayson County War Memorial Hospital. The brochures were originally printed to encourage Grayson County residents to vote for issuing war bonds in November of 1947. The bonds, which passed, were used to build Grayson County War Memorial hospital.

The posters and plaque were unveiled at the November 11, 2007 ceremony by TLRMC employees and veterans Carey Sims, Gene Gift, John Wolard and John House. A line on the plaque states simply and eloquently what the memorial area represents for both our veterans and for the hospital’s beginnings: Lest We Forget.

History_5_sm.jpgA visitor walks by the framed posters, drawing of the original Grayson County War Memorial Hospital and a plaque listing the servicemen from Grayson County killed during World War II.

History_4_sm.jpgPeter Blair of Louisville looks at an enlargement of a 1947 flyer promoting the sale of bonds needed to build the Grayson County War Memorial Hospital. Mr. Blair’s brother, McKinley Blair, was a Grayson County soldier killed during World War II and one of two soldiers featured on the poster.

History_6_sm.jpgThese flyers encouraged Grayson County voters to approve war bonds in November of 1947. The bonds were used to build Grayson County War Memorial hospital.